A Letter to My Supporters (8.8.2020)


Hi Friends!

I’d like write a little letter for everyone about my absence the past few months. Back in March, the rest of my senior year of undergrad was cut short due to Covid-19. It was an abrupt change that I was far from prepared to do so quickly. As I know many people have, I fell into a mourning period. I was mourning missed ceremonies, my last 6 weeks at Eastern, saying goodbye to friends too quickly, a missed graduation…

I had to finish my courses online. Doing critiques for painting via Google Drive is an absolutely horrific experience as an art student. But even worse was not being able to finish my ceramics project that I had in progress. Luckily, I had a lot less unfinished than other folx I know. I tried to stay active online with art as I could mid-March, but I decided to get a job at a grocery store.

Falling into an essential worker role was difficult. I was working over 40-hour weeks, being taken advantage of by my boss, and kind of regretting not applying for unemployment instead of getting a job where I was worked harder but getting less money than people on unemployment benefits. Regardless, I survived it all.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I am pursuing an art therapy Masters’ program come fall at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. A week ago, I moved into my absolutely perfect townhouse with some other incoming grad students. I have a few weeks before classes start and I hope to continue to post as much art as I can create until then. I have a designated art area now, and since my roommate and I are both artists, we have a designated art closet! I am truly living a dream.

an already messy happy art space

This fall is going to be interesting, to say the least. I will be navigating a new place, a new school, new people, and an almost entirely new life. But, in the week I’ve been here, I’ve already noticed a positive change in my energy levels, stress levels, eating habits, perception of my life, technology use, and the experiences I’ve lived and continue to exist in. This morning I went to a local farmers’ market and cooked food for the week. I have never been happier, truly.

My point being, I’m not sure how much time or energy I will have to be interactive on my social media. I will continue to try to post and support other artists when I’m able. I don’t plan to have a job my first semester so hopefully that will free up some time. But this program is a huge step and I intend to put in above anything else in my life. Regardless, I am always willing to discuss selling options for almost anything on my website. Contact me for more info regarding purchases or commissions. (Contacting me is always welcome regardless! I love to chat when I can!)

ANYWAY, I wanted to say, THANK YOU for your never-ending support. I have so much love for all of my supporters and even if I’m MIA, I’ll be back eventually.

All the love,


(P.S. Peep some beautiful photos from my bedroom balcony and my current work in progress!)


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