Updates As Of January 2019


As of January 2019, there are a lot of big and exciting things happening in the art realm of my life. First, I completed and succeeded at my first ceramics class since 2012. I made a lot of abstract and fun pieces–all of them being hand-built and extruded with no throwing. You can check out this super fun class here!

Next exciting news is that my professor (though problematic) paid for two of my pieces of works, “My Body” and “Weird Pot” into the AJSS (annual juried art show) which is the only juried show for undergraduates on Eastern Michigan’s campus. Hundreds of artworks are submitted and only 40 pieces got accepted. Both of my pieces got accepted. These pieces will be showed in the Ford Gallery on campus from February 6th, 2019 to March 6th, 2019.

The third exciting bit of information, is that my professor submitted the same two pieces for the Undergraduate Symposium at Eastern Michigan University. This is a giant one-day event where students apply and show-off their research and best achievements. These can be artworks, essays, studies, etc. The process is typically long to get into, consulting with a mentor/professor along with writing an essay and waiting to hopefully get chosen. Since my professor chose me and submitted me (and 2 of my friends from the class) we immediately got accepted and will show our ceramics pieces. This is a huge opportunity to show my work to an abundance of people. I will have the opportunity to speak on my pieces and attend a luncheon. This event will happen March 29th, 2019 in the Eastern Michigan University Student Center from 9a to 4:15p. With this being said, I updated my logo and ordered business cards to help promote myself and my work.

I am above and beyond exciting to have these amazing opportunities to build on my artworks and exposure as an artist and a student. Speaking of opportunities, I have begun working at a hospital where I am a patient companion. My job is to sit with people who cannot be left alone. These patients may have mental health issues with risk of hurting themselves or others, older patients who may have a risk of falling, older patients who may be confused and keep trying to pull lines out or are at risk of hurting themselves simply because they can’t remember, along with more patients as well. I hope this opportunity gives me an in to the health field so I can achieve my goals of practicing art therapy in a hospital setting.


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