Introduction to Watercolor (Fall 2019)

In this course, I learned how to use watercolor paint in a variety of ways. I was taught techniques like using wax resist, plastic wrap, newspaper transfers, scrubbing/scraping techniques, wet-on-wet, etc. Overall, I don’t think I’m much of a watercolor painter (sorry Dad and Grandpa!) but I love painting in general so this was still a wonderful class to take. You don’t know how much you like or dislike something unless you try and I’m still grateful to have the general knowledge of watercolor under my belt!

Final Project: Collage

First, we each made a collage and then picked out pieces (or a piece) of it to paint. I decided to do 3 different sections. This isn’t my favorite because of the colors bleeding (which I’d like to fix) but this is what I ended up turning in!


Project 2: Grid Project

The goal of this project was to create a “grid” and use that in your work. I decided to take a different kind of approach on this and used my “grid” to line up planets and their orbits. I ended up using newspaper transfer as an added effect and ended up really liking the idea that humans have expanded (and continue to expand) into space and have touched places previously untouched using technology. Also, I love the interconnectedness with the universe and human kind which is another thing I wanted to show. IMG_4232

Project 1: Still Life

Ah, the classic still life. We know it in every intro art class. Regardless, I always worry about still life work because I am not confident about my drawing abilities. However, I’m pretty happy with how this piece turned out! IMG_2837

(Bonus if you can figure out where the pieces of the collage I chose were pulled from!)

Technique Testing: This project was just us trying out the different techniques we can use and the results they produce.fullsizeoutput_142fb.JPG


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