Art 101 (Winter 2018)

This class was so much fun! I took it as a general education requirement and my professor was mad that I was an art student taking this class because I was already so much more experienced. Regardless, it was a good outlet to expand my creativity and keep up with my artwork!

For our final, we were to do a 3D piece. I decided to do a collage with 3 acrylic boxes. For the bottom box, I used old writings and flowers that best described my middle and high school artist self. I burned them and boxed them in to show that they were a closed off part of my past. Then, on the outside and upwards, I adding my more current artworks and flowers that describe me now as an artist. I added my website logo and kept the boxes open to express my growth as an artist and to leave space for my continuation of growth as an artist. I illuminated this project with string lights. I honestly couldn’t be happier and prouder of this project. It has by far been my favorite during this course.

Then, we moved onto acrylic painting. I decided to do another abstract piece which I just loved! img_8955

We moved on to some blackout poetry, which I hadn’t done before and was just really fun.

Our first project was practicing drawing with still life and pencil and/or charcoal. I improved a bit from my drawing class and it was good practice.


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