2D Design (Fall 2016)

Stylized Art Still Life’s: For our final, we had to choose a fruit and practice using 3 different color schemes (complementary, monochromatic, and triad) with different points of view of the fruit, and 3 different styles of art from history. I chose to do pop-art with the front view of the front view of the apple and the triad color scheme (blue, red, yellow); another front view of the apple using a monochromatic color scheme (black, grey, white) and minimalist techniques; and finally a top-view, cubism, apple using a complementary color scheme (red and green). This was also a favorite project.

Abstract Optical Illusion Painting: For this project we used acrylic paint, abstract patterns, and gradients to create a semi-trippy painting. This was one of my favorite pieces and since completing this project, I have continued to do a few more similar paintings. img_7031

Color Theory Practice: For this exercise we had to play with color theory and color mixing. I can definitely improve upon this!

Image to Collage Pieces: The last thing we did in black and white was create collages from images of ourselves. I had the most fun with this project and was pretty proud with how my self-portraits turned out!

Expanding Images With Mixed Media: For this project, we had to choose two images, expand on them and connect them somehow. I chose to use two of my images (stubbornly) and therefore did not succeed nearly as well as I could have.

Exploring Media Tile Pieces: For this initial project, we were instructed to explore shapes, patterns, and all different mediums (India ink, graphite, charcoal, Sharpie, conte crayon) to get us used to these materials and matting the projects.


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