Odyssey Update

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Hi all!

As mentioned previously, I was a writer for Eastern Michigan University’s Odyssey page. This was short lived as I could not handle the pressure and deadlines. So I will link you to the first few articles I did and in a separate post, I am going to fully post the last article I wrote. This one is the one I am the most proud of and feel the need to post in full.

Here are the links to my articles:

A Photo Journal: Inverness in Mourning, Inverness in Light, Inverness in Heart: This is the article I will post with my next update.

Poetry on Odyssey: A Lifetime of Coffee: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/poetry-odyssey-lifetime-coffee (this can also be found here!)

Coming To Terms With My Nonbinary Identity and What That Means: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/nonbinary-identity-what-that-means

Mornings Are Important: 5 Steps to A Successful One: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/how-have-morning-routine

My first “article” was actually a poem that is already listed on my website as “Vicious Loving”. You can find it here!


A Backyard Memorial to Those Who Couldn’t Swim

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A Backyard Memorial to Those Who Couldn’t Swim: I’ve been cheated on, felt not good enough, hurt, and ghosted by people I thought cared, and so to process these emotions after living and reliving them for the past 4 years, I decided to create this memorial with one of my best friends and fellow photographers, Lily Haddox. Her and I collected mementos, created the memorial, then watched as it burned to signify a new beginning. Through poetry, creative process, digital, and film photography (coming later), here are the beautiful results. Rest in peace, I won’t miss you.

Click here to see my exciting new joint project with Lily Haddox! I’m pretty proud of the results! 🙂