So Many Life Updates


Hi all!

I know that I’ve been MIA recently and for good reasons! (Don’t fret, I’ve still been creating!) I have so many wonderful updates but decided to wait it out so that everything could be in one nice package.

First exciting update: At the end of the Winter 2018 semester, our LGBT Resource Center on EMU’s campus released an LGBT+ zine. It included all queer artists who go to EMU as a place to publish their artwork and get other students to see all the great things they’ve done. I’ve included a link to the PDF version of the Zine so go check out my (and other artist’s) wonderful artwork here!

Second exciting update: I’ve begun writing for Eastern Michigan’s Odyssey. Odyssey is a platform where people can write (or do photography) as a place to express creative freedom and be published. I’ve written two articles, one was a poem that has been published on MAKluz Art and Photography for a while but I wanted more views and second one was a photo journal of my morning routine and why I think mornings are important. The next article will be about being nonbinary and what that means for me. It will be live Sunday (May 27th). I’ve attached a link to my profile here.

Third and final exciting update: I will be studying abroad for my psychology major from June 22nd to July 13th. I will be going to Austria, Germany, England, and Scotland. But don’t worry! After all of this is said and done, I will be updating as much as possible with (hopefully) an array of wonderful photos. Stay tuned!



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